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Healthy Eating

Meal and snack times are an important part of the service we offer, and an enjoyable part of the children’s day. Hindsford Day Nursery holds the NHS ‘Smile for Life’ award and we are also one of Wigan’s ‘Healthy Early Years’ settings.

Children of all ages experience a varied healthy diet, serving themselves and having the opportunity to enjoy meals in a social setting with their peers. All food is freshly prepared by our cook on the premises, including plenty of fruit and vegetables, and your child will gain confidence in tasting new foods. We cater for special diets and religious requirements, so please let us know of any special requests you may have.

A daily menu is posted on our outside notice board for you to see what your child has been eating throughout that particular day.

Your child will have access to on-going snacks in the morning, afternoon and early evening depending on when you child’s session time is. These snacks consist of fresh fruits, vegetable sticks and homemade snacks.

Your child will also have daily access to the water fountain and is given the opportunity to drink milk and fruit juices on occasion.




We are part of the Wigan Council Sleep Safe Campaign.

We believe sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and helps each child achieve their full potential. Children need consistency so it is very important for us to carry on with your child’s routine at nursery.

Young babies sleep in cots, taking into account information about the child’s sleep routines given to us by their patents/carers. Older children have a designated comfortable and safe sleeping area prepared for them with individual beds and linen that is laundered regularly.

Although there are set sleep times children sleep and rest as needed.

 Inspiring healthy lifestyles

At the age of 2years your child will be able to brush their teeth daily in nursery, staff will supervise them at all times.  Thoothbrushes, toothpaste and storage will be provided free of charge.



 Example Food Menus...