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The importance of play...

We value the importance of playtime as much as your child does. Indoors we have role-play sessions, and equipment for both physical and more reflective activities.


Music, creative play and dressing up form part of daily activities, even for the youngest children. Books feature prominently in all rooms, with a cosy reading corner to encourage a love of storytelling and reading. Each room has their own safe, enclosed and sheltered area attached to their room. These areas are used in all weathers by the room children only.

We have a large safe and enclosed outside area which is shared by all age groups. Your child has opportunities for climbing, trike riding, creative play, music, role play, and growing fruits, vegetables and plants.

Stay & Plays Sessions

We invite you to come and play alongside the children for a short session. This will give you the opportunity to see what learning experiences we offer to your child.


Outings and visits offer children the experience of wider environments and new learning opportunities. These may be visits to the local schools to watch performances or concerts.

We also use the surrounding environment for nature walks, the daily mile and picnics.

We visit the local library on a termly basis, giving your child the opportunity to explore and enjoy books. Your child’s chosen books will be brought back to nursery to share with others.

You will be informed of any outings that may be offered to your child and all visits off campus are well supervised and safe.

Ceremonies, Celebrations & Performances

Around Christmas time, your child can be part of Hindsford’s Christmas Performance. This is a celebration where the entire nursery gets together and celebrates the festival with a performance. We invite you to come and watch this where photographs and light refreshments are for sale.

In July we celebrate the end of your child’s Pre-School years by holding a graduation ceremony. We invite you to come and watch your child as they are presented with a certificate of graduation.